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Date: 5th June 2018
Ceramic Heat Exchanger Tubes
Ceramic heat exchanger is a new type of tube-type high-temperature heat recovery device which is mainly made by silicon carbide and can be widely used in metallurgy,Website:http://www.sicexport.com, machinery, building materials, chemical and other industries. It is used to directly retrieve the 850-1400?wasted high temperature flue gas heat radiated by industrial furnaces to obtain high-temperature combustion air or process gas. The heat exchange component material of this device is a new type of silicon carbide engineering ceramics. It has excellent properties of high temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance, can be cooled from 1000?to room temperature repeated for more than 50 times without cracks. It structurally solved the thermal compensation and the gas sealing problem. The high heat transfer efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect can be used to preheat combustion air or heat some process gases to save the primary energy. At the same time strengthened the process and significantly improved the production capacity.??The advantages of ceramic heat exchanger/tubes-The thermal conductivity it has is equivalent to stainless steel-Good corrosion resistance in oxidizing and acidic media.-The fuel saving rate can reach to 30%-55%, successfully save the production base cost-Oxidation resistanceSPECIFICATION
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