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Date: 5th June 2018
Sic Heat Exchanger Tubes
The production process of the SiC heat exchanger tubes is basically the same as the production process of the kiln furniture. Place the SiC heat exchanger tubes near the flue exit where the temperature is higher,Website:http://www.sicexport.com, with no need of cold wind and high temperature protection. When the temperature of the furnace reach to 1250-1450?, it should be 1000- 1300?at the flue outlet and the waste heat recycled by the ceramic heat exchanger can be up to 450-750?. The SiC heat exchanger tubes can help to send the recycled hot air into the kiln and mix with the gas to form a combustion, which will directly reduce the production base costs and increase economic efficiency.??The thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance are the main application properties of the material. The SiC ceramic heat exchanger tube has been well developed under the limitations of the use of metal heat exchangers because it solves all the problems with the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. The main advantages of this ceramic heat exchanger tube are: good thermal conductivity, Extra strength at a high temperature, good oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance. It is also performance good with a long service life, reliable &stable functions and easy operation.??SPECIFICATION
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